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I'm not certain if I'll be able to get the same supplies again that I currently have, so until that becomes a certainty, I won't make it look like a guarantee.

I'll still sell gouache cards that I make, but I won't be taking custom orders for them.

On the other hand, I will be opening up commissions for cards colored with Prismacolor marker (actual color, not just gray tones).

*edit: the heck just happened with my journal skin and title

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Altador Cup

Sat Jun 2, 2012, 7:34 AM

I'll very likely be doing some Team Brightvale fanart soon

Maybe some ATCs, haha.

Anyone else playing? Who are you supporting? Where is your rank so far?

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Update on commissions info.

Tue May 22, 2012, 9:38 AM

I'll be going back and editing the original journal entry for this in a bit once I have everything ready, so that there won't be two separate things for people to have to read.

From now on, I'm going to be doing inked lineart only. I'm going to find out how to convert it into a format that can be easily edited for color, but I won't be raising the price to have that extra bit of work done.

I will also be including the option to have the artwork mailed to you, however since this involves costs for materials, packing and shipping, it will have to be done through my Etsy as a commission paid for with real money. You will have the option to have it done on a regular-size sheet of bristol board (price TBD) or as an artist trading card (likely going to be at least a third of the price of the regular size).

Although, for trading cards, there will also be a grayscale option (slightly more expensive) as well as a full color option (about double the price for plain lineart, since it involves gouache painting plus more time/effort to complete).

I will update the commissions info journal once I get all these options hammered out.

EDIT: Found a whole stock of working gray prismacolors, so I may be adding a grayscale shading option to point commissions.

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Autism Awareness Day/Month

Mon Apr 2, 2012, 8:04 PM

I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome around the time I was 13 or 14.

I don't flap my hands, but I do rock sometimes, when I'm in so much pain that I need to do something to distract myself from it. Aches from doing physical work can last for days, and menstrual cramps can put me in a fetal position on the floor if I don't have painkillers to counter them. All of this is because of my high sensitivity. Sometimes it takes me hours to get comfortable enough in my bed just so I can sleep; I need to have several heavy blankets on top of me, not for warmth, but for the weight.

And the constant noise. I can hear most of everything going on around me, and I can't tune anything out. If I need to work, I go somewhere alone. I'm actually most comfortable when I'm by myself, but I'm not anti-social; there are times when I will want to be around people. However, I don't appreciate being called a "hermit" when I want to be alone.

The unpredictable, sometimes chaotic movement and volume of little kids in public places tends to bother me. I like to do the grocery shopping, but if I need to get to another aisle and there is at least one person standing there with their cart, I will pass up that aisle for the next one, unless there's something in that aisle that's on my list. Shopping during the holidays is the most taxing, because the stores are crowded, and a lot of people bring their kids along. Now you know why I prefer to handcraft my gifts.

I do occasionally have meltdowns from sensory overload, but it's rare if anyone ever understands what's going on when that happens, or cares enough to ask.

I think everyone watching me already knows where my interests lie, and that I can sit and write a whole book on them if I wanted to.

There are some textures that I absolutely do not like. The main reason is because they cause me physical discomfort. I hate wearing form-fitting clothes because I hate the feeling of fabric constantly touching and rubbing against my skin; I tend to wear baggy clothes, even though they don't look flattering. I kind of gave up fashion a long time ago when fashion proved painful. I also prefer to either go barefoot or in sandals, though in the winter I have some suede boots that provide enough space for my feet, and are actually comfortable, though they could do with a bit more traction. I tried heels once and almost immediately scratched them off my list. I don't know how people can wear them. My sense of balance isn't nearly good enough to be able to walk in heels, much less high heels.

There are also some foods that I cannot stand because they either cause a gag reflex, they give me indigestion, or I hate the way they feel inside my mouth. Okra, squash, peaches, pears, tomatoes, crab, soy milk, and onions all fall into this category. This actually makes up a minority of the food that's put before me, but for some reason I'm made to feel like I don't know what's good for me, or that I don't have "grown-up tastes", because I try to avoid eating them. I remember having remarks like that thrown at me while I was eating a salad, because I didn't want olives on it, or something like that. I don't appreciate being criticized for not liking certain foods, especially considering how most everyone on this planet has foods that they dislike, and because I'm willing to try anything once before I pass judgement on it. Just don't give me a lot to start with, because I really, really don't like having to waste food.

Most of all, I hate being made to feel stupid, broken, or incompetent because I can't tune things out, because I experience sensory overload, or because I suffer physical discomfort from certain stimuli. When I'm in the right conditions, I amaze everybody with what I can do. And I can be "normal" if "normal" people can learn to understand me and accept me like I've done for myself, and not treat me as someone with a mental illness who desperately needs a "cure".

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We can tell when:

- you traced your picture from a Sonic X screenshot.

- you traced your picture from official Sonic game artwork.

- you traced your picture off someone else's Sonic fanart.

- you traced your picture from a page out of Archie Sonic, Fleetway Sonic, or even Dengeki Sonic.

- you just took something off the popular Sonic art search page and reuploaded it under your own name.

- you just downloaded something off an official Sonic site (SEGA of America, Sonic Channel, etc) and uploaded it under your own name.

- you just grabbed an image off Archie's preview pages and uploaded it under your own name.

- you did either of the last three and just flipped the image, changed the colors, cropped or edited the image in any way.

- your "lineart" or "base" is nothing more than one of the coloring pages off Sonic Channel. Seriously!

- your "sprite work" or "spriting" is a ripped game sprite that you edited.

- your signature is a simple Paint text or scrawl done over something that was obviously made in a much more advanced digital art program.

We recognize the original work, because the majority of us either had it in our favorites, bookmarked it, or saw it on TV long before you showed up and posted it.

Not all of us are as dumb as the kind of person who would upload someone else's work and expect everyone to believe that they made it themselves. :P

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Leta SAF ACEO by Gryphon-HB Pulseman ATC blue by Gryphon-HB Leta Tybee Island ATC by Gryphon-HB

If you're following me, then it's likely because I create artwork based on something you like.

Now if you want, I can draw or paint a special, one-of-a-kind card-sized art piece for you.

Ink drawings are $5, gouache paintings are $10. Currently cards are only available one to a customer.

Go here to see what's available, and for other information such as subject restrictions:…

The only reason Pulseman isn't listed on the site as something I have experience in is because I doubt many people on Etsy know who Pulseman is. Everyone who watches me on DA know it as a given, though. :)

In the near future, I plan on putting up custom orders for leather pouches and canvas bag art like what I've made in the past. I may also set up a 6-card order for people who want art cards of their pokemon teams, with stats and figures on the back like baseball trading cards.

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Tue Nov 22, 2011, 8:55 AM


News have been heard that Deviant Art is now removing Sonic Spriting. Some people's sheet's have been removed from their gallery, you could be next. Maybe you already have some of your sprite's removed.

Thing is, if the sprites in your gallery aren't 100% your own work, meaning that you used an existing sprite ripped from a Sonic game to base your sprite work on, then DeviantArt has every right to take your sprites down, since they violate SEGA and Sonic Team's copyrights. It's right there in the DeviantArt terms and conditions on what kind of stuff they allow you to upload and display here.

And why on earth are people complaining about not being able to draw, when they don't even make their own sprites from scratch like real sprite artists do? Can you really call that your passion when you're not even dedicated enough to learn how to make your own sprites? You're basically in the same league with people who take official Sonic artwork and color over it to create their OC. Cheap. Don't compare yourself to hard-working artists and then attempt to excuse your laziness.

And if you want people to think that SEGA honestly doesn't care what people do with the sprites from their games (even though the license/copyright info embedded in the games says otherwise), then provide a source to any statement or announcement they made that says so, don't just expect people to take your word for it.

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Pulseman character blog.

Mon Nov 7, 2011, 11:06 PM

I started an Ask Pulseman tumblr over at some time ago and finally got around to answering the default question today.

Since the answers are drawn for the blog I likely won't be posting any of the art here, which is why I made a journal post here about it just to give you advance warning. XD

There are a number of Sonic, Pokemon, and Megaman character ask tumblrs already up and around if you ever decide to get nosy.

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It's Asexual Awareness week, so...

Sun Oct 23, 2011, 6:15 PM

I've probably come out of the closet or cakewalk or whatever to all my followers about my asexuality. If you didn't know about it before then you're learning it now.

I'm not really sure about the other thing, romantic, aromantic, or panromantic, or whatever. I think I'm aromantic because I don't personally have romantic feelings for others, but when I'm working on stories and characters like Danny Phantom or Pulseman who have relationships, even though they basically have asexual relationships in my stories (if I do write about attraction, it's an attraction to heart or soul rather than body), I let them be romantic to some degree. I don't know what the defining point is there, yet.

Sometimes I like cake, but I mostly prefer chocolate bits in whatever form I can find them in. I usually have a bag in here in the studio for when I'm working.

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I'm curious.

Fri Oct 7, 2011, 8:45 AM

nicked from :iconpiece5113:'s journal

A Pro/Con meme that I felt like sticking here for people to fill out if they want to. You don't have to answer all of them, just the ones you feel comfortable with.

01. I like when you draw: ___.
02. I wish you drew more: ___.
03. I wish you drew more fanart of: ___.
04. I wish you drew more original art of: ___.
05. I wish you drew a comic or4koma of/about: ___.
06. I wish you made a tutorial about: ___.
07. My favorite part of your work is: ___.

08. I dislike when you draw: ___.
09. I wish you drew less: ___.
10. My least favorite part of your work is: ___.

11. If I had to describe your work I'd say: ___.
12. If I had a question to ask about your work it'd be: ___?
13. The main strength & weakness of your work is: ___ & ___
14. Anything else?

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Last journal skin got borked.

Tue Sep 27, 2011, 9:45 PM

I need a newwww skin
one that does what it should

So here's a new skin.

OK evidently I have to write a lot to make all the stuff on the side show up. Bleah. I'll just leave the one group icon that I need to have there.

ok I think I got it fixed now. it's ok now.

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I dunno

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 27, 2011, 12:42 AM
"Hey, just wanted to point out that his hand is a little crooked--"

"OMG! HATER!" /gets all her white knights to run them off and then posts a journal so they can all kiss her ass

Please, for the sake of all artist's communities worldwide and for the sake of art in itself, don't ever let yourself turn into this. Don't let the number of pageviews you have here make you think that you don't need to get any better at what you do, because you always need to work on getting better. Just because you manage to sell some of your art, don't stop and say, "This is good enough", because you can do better, and then you can sell better. But most of all, don't fall into the pit of so many self-proclaimed art gods and goddesses thinking you're popular because your work is good, when really it's because it's based off a popular anime that's been bastardized six ways from Sunday by so many idiot fantards, and those same fantards will eat up anything based on that anime no matter how crappy it looks. Don't ever forget that you are an artist, not a fanart whore.

And when someone goes out of their way despite all fears and convictions to hand you a bit of helpful critique, either thank them for it or don't say a damn thing. Sending people to attack them because you took it as a personal attack just tells them and everyone else who has a lick of sense on this site that you're too stuck up for your own good. It's better to be silent and thought a snob than to open the reply box and remove all doubt.

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Art Thief Art4Love still alive and kicking

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 17, 2011, 4:25 PM
Don't have time to go into detail, but this journal has enough references to get you up to speed:…

His name is Chad Love Lieberman and he must be tarred and feathered as soon as humanly possible.

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Art4Love is down. Yay!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 16, 2011, 6:27 PM
EDIT: apparently soon after the word got out, Art4Love's website was taken down. Yay for fast reporting and response. :D

Go through it and see if they've got anything of yours. If you see something there that you recognize (check your DA favorites) then contact the original artist and let them know about it. Since this is non-DA-related, it will need to be reported to the site's host. Check

If it's a legitimate business, they'll take the stolen stuff down and fire whoever's responsible for it being sold there. If it's illegitimate, then hopefully that business and its website will be shut the hell down.

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Moar Leather

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 10, 2011, 6:44 PM
I'm planning on designing some new leather amulets like the ones you've seen in my gallery.

Currently I'm being held up by the absence of a good sponge, but that will be rectified soon. :D

I plan on putting them together with a gemstone inside, though I'm leaning towards redesigning them so that the stone can be removed for cleansing without having to remove the thread holding the pendant together. Something like a mini pouch.

I'd like to start out with some runes/astro signs and possibly some HP-inspired ones. I may get fancy with them.

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Low chance of Pulseman sequel

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 2, 2011, 10:20 AM
Someone managed to put the question across to Ken Sugimori on his twitter about the possibility of a Pulseman sequel possibly on the 3DS.

"How interested would you and others at GAME FREAK be in making a new Pulseman game, perhaps for the 3DS, if Sega allowed it?"

"Unfortunately, looking at the current sales situation on the Virtual Console, that possibility is low."

Part of what I hope to accomplish with my Pulse comic project is to spotlight the game and its story to people who have never heard of it, and generate appreciation for it. In a way, this is free advertising for Game Freak, just like all of the Pulseman fanart on the internet.

If I want to see a Pulseman sequel, then it's going to take encouraging others to want to actually purchase the original from the VC and play it on their Wii, rather than download the free ROM which works on any computer. That is gonna be freakin' hard if you couldn't tell already.

Rather than expect Game Freak to go out of their way to advertise an obscure retro game in the likely vain hope that they'll get enough of an audience to warrant a sequel, I'm going to try advertising it myself.

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back from vacay

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 31, 2011, 6:29 PM
got a story down for my next Pulseman comic attempt

learned how to draw all of the baddies from the game and wrote out 6 pages of headcanon for them

jotted down 10 pages of headcanon just for Pulse himself

3 pages for Veil, Doc Waru, AMABILIS, and just started on some for Beatrice

planning on shooting/scanning a bit of it and posting it shortly.

all in all this has been a very productive week. now I can sleep in my own not-rock-hard bed with my normal pillows in my not-humid-as-hell house, and after I recover I will start working on some layouts.

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Your opinions?

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 12, 2011, 11:34 AM
About those first three pages I've drawn for the Pulseman comic... albeit they're not really part of the continuity, I don't plan on actually starting the story there. I guess you could call it a #0 or a beta comic.

pulse pg1 by Gryphon-HB pulse pg2 by Gryphon-HB pulse page3 by Gryphon-HB

Anyway, what did you think?

I apologize if you came expecting badassery and found fluff... I'm not exactly certain why I decided to start with fluff, I guess I might have wanted to show that he has a human side, and suffers from human problems as well as superhuman ones. He gets nervous, really nervous... in fact he is a tightly wound ball of nerves... and part of Riche's role in the early part of the story is to help calm him down.

In fact, this story's place in the timeline is before any of the events in the game take place, while Pulse is still courting Riche, before he has to rescue her from Galaxy Gang. That particular part of the story is going to contain major fluff, dotted here and there with badassery, with a good deal more badassery at some of the major plot points leading up to the climax, with... maybe a pile of fluff in the anticlimax and denoument. which da is telling me i'm spelling wrong. but hopefully enough badassery there to get you through the fluff.

I like writing fluff! I may be ace but I do enjoy some well-written fluff. I would think that Sailor Moon was maybe 90% fluff, but I want the fancomic (working title: Electrace Pulseman) to have an even balance of badassery and fluff, half and half, which is going to involve some balanced story pacing and whatnot to be able to achieve that. But that's what I want. I don't know if I'll be able to make it so that anyone of any gender or non-gender or age or nationality would be able to enjoy it, but if I can appeal to the story-loving kid in everyone then I would feel like I've done my job.

SOOOOO my next one-shot is going to be mostly badassery, I will promise you that.

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Pulseman on Issuu.

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 11, 2011, 2:29 PM
Wanted to let my followers know that I will be publishing the complete issues of the Pulseman fancomics I draw on Issuu. I did this one-shot to see how it would look on the site.

Click ->…

Let me know if you have any problems trying to read it. You may have to update your Flash or Adobe Reader; it's running off of a PDF file.

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Hey! Info on the new copyright bill.

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 9, 2011, 6:54 PM
You've probably heard a lot on DeviantArt, and possibly some other sites, about a new "copyright bill" that will make it illegal to host copyrighted material on sites like DeviantArt and YouTube, and will make it a felony to draw fanart or write fanfic using characters from anime or whatnot, punishable by jailtime and some huge-numbered fine.

As someone who has actually read through this document outline what the "bill" is for, I can basically tell you what it's about and what all you need to fear from it.

Let me give you a link so you can read along:…

First off, it's not a bill for a new law. It's a bill (specifically, S.978) for an amendment, or add-on, to an law that already exists and has existed for some time now, the copyright law. This bill contains recommendations for policies to be added in with the currently existing policies for stuff that the current law doesn't cover. Basically, it's saying "some new stuff has come up that we think needs to be covered in the copyright law along with everything else".

The copyright law itself, which I've already said has been in effect for some time now, already has restrictions on sharing copyrighted material on websites, since back when internet piracy first became an issue. DeviantArt and YouTube already have rules and terms of use that run off of these laws, though they are mostly ignored by the people who upload stuff.

However, what's in this bill that will be added on to the law if the bill gets passed?

Tighter enforcement of copyright on drugs and medicine - Simply put, meant to keep cheap imitation drugs from being imported into the country, since not only do they hurt the pharmaceutical business, they also harm people who use them.

Allowing software companies to get help from the government to enforce copyright on software and stop the sharing of devices which allow people to get around software restrictions illegally - Basically, a further step into preventing software piracy. There are devices out there nowadays (like most everything else in this bill, it's in response to new and emerging technology) that can be used with computers and software to remove restrictions and locks which normally protect the software or prevent unauthorized use. This would allow the people who make that software to get help in stopping and shutting down the organizations that create and distribute these devices.

Allowing music artists to collect royalties when their recordings are broadcast on the radio overseas - America is the only country that DOESN'T allow this, and to do so would be a big help for the music industry, as it would also serve to enforce copyright on downloaded music.

Define copyright infringement by streaming as a felony in appropriate circumstances - HERE's where a lot of people get confused. This only has to do with PIRATES who steal/rip material from official websites and upload it onto their own site, or onto sites like or UStream (YouTube already has this as part of its rules, so that's nothing new) and stream it for personal gain or for profit. This is a willful, intentional violation of copyright, and the only thing about it that's "new" and needs to be added to the existing law is the fact that it involves streaming, which is a fairly new thing.

And now for the things which the bill does NOT involve, though so many people have claimed that it does.

- making drawing fanart a felony
- making writing fanfiction a felony
- making streaming gameplay videos a felony

I've also read up on articles about Google's resistance to the bill. The exec chairman Schmidt says that he's afraid it'll infringe upon "freedom of speech" like how China's government has had their stuff censored so people can't look up certain things on their local Google pages. However, the articles also mention how Google makes most of their profits from advertisements for sites that subscribe to them, including sites where pirated material is distributed, so if they were given a court order to cut links between themselves and any of these websites, it will cut into their profits since they won't be able to advertise those sites anymore. So when you stop to think about that, you start to wonder if Google is really looking out for anyone besides themselves here.

The creator of Minecraft has also expressed a distaste for the bill, but only because he thinks it will outlaw gameplay videos, which it doesn't. Copyright law already outlaws illegal sharing of game SOFTWARE over the Internet, but gameplay videos (AKA "Let's Plays") are not game software. However, instead of fighting the bill, he claims that he and other independent game developers will add on to their ToS that gameplay videos of their game software will be allowed. Another thing to note about this bill is that it does not impose a mandatory enforcement of copyright on all material worldwide; license holders have and will still reserve the right to allow sharing of their material.

Here are some links to other people talking about the bill:
Let's Rant with Frozenfoxy -…
Kaishiru's journal -…
DA news post -…

As mentioned in the video link given, it is likely that the rumors about the bill were initially started and spread by internet pirates who know they will lose profits and likely be caught if the bill gets passed. Currently I have found this rumor being spread around on DeviantArt by someone who has started a group to "fight" the bill (with online petitions and other useless things) and is attempting to scam points from people by saying they will go towards making it into a super group. Anyone who continues to warn that the bill will make it illegal to draw fanart is either simply misinformed or is intentionally lying to cause panic and get attention.

Hopefully this journal has set you on the right track regarding this bill. If you have any other clarification on the bill and see something here that you think needs to be corrected, don't hesitate to send me a note about it!

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