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We can tell when:

- you traced your picture from a Sonic X screenshot.

- you traced your picture from official Sonic game artwork.

- you traced your picture off someone else's Sonic fanart.

- you traced your picture from a page out of Archie Sonic, Fleetway Sonic, or even Dengeki Sonic.

- you just took something off the popular Sonic art search page and reuploaded it under your own name.

- you just downloaded something off an official Sonic site (SEGA of America, Sonic Channel, etc) and uploaded it under your own name.

- you just grabbed an image off Archie's preview pages and uploaded it under your own name.

- you did either of the last three and just flipped the image, changed the colors, cropped or edited the image in any way.

- your "lineart" or "base" is nothing more than one of the coloring pages off Sonic Channel. Seriously!

- your "sprite work" or "spriting" is a ripped game sprite that you edited.

- your signature is a simple Paint text or scrawl done over something that was obviously made in a much more advanced digital art program.

We recognize the original work, because the majority of us either had it in our favorites, bookmarked it, or saw it on TV long before you showed up and posted it.

Not all of us are as dumb as the kind of person who would upload someone else's work and expect everyone to believe that they made it themselves. :P

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RaeLogan Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I know, right? Especially, when it's a piece in the most popular of one character or focus.
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January 24, 2012


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